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Professional Office Building

We were once the KLIS Radio Station built in 1970.  Then in 2015, C.L. and Doreen Jones bought the building and turned it into a professional building with office spaces for rent.  After a few months of renovations, it became what it is today.



North side convenience to the post office and restaurants as well as the courthouse.


We're very reasonable and include many extras.

Variety of
Business Options

At the moment, we have four different kinds of businesses available.

We Love to
Have Fun!

We're one big happy family and love our customers!

Why Choose Us


Welcome to our building.  East Texas Programming is the presiding landlord - and we do many things!  Click on the Drop In button on the left to visit East Texas Programming.


One Moore Real Estate Company has property for rent.  Check us out or drop in.  We have a list of available properties.


The Anderson County GOP and Republican Club are located in our building.  Check us out for information you may need at election time!  If we don't have an answer, we will find one!


Paula Staples Insurance welcomes old and new customers alike.  As an independent agent - she offers many kinds of insurance to fit every need.


Randy Wells Insurance is an independent agent for several states and offers Life, Supplementals, and career opportunities.  Be sure and call Randy today.


Shop Palestine First is an online billboard!  We put your website on our website - and advertise on behalf of all of us!!


Schedule an Appointment !

Fill out the form, or call us to make an appointment.  Be sure and give the name of the business you wish to visit.  Or you can simply drop in!  Our cat will be happy to escort you to your desired destination!

Service Areas:

Texas and beyond!

1118 N. Link, Palestine, TX 75801


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